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Dress casual, be comfortable, work hard and have fun.  At Whaley, we encourage a casual atmosphere where each employee feels comfortable in their environment.  We have a fun calendar of events for employees to voluntarily participate in throughout the year, with gift card rewards!  For example, take a break from your day and join the ping pong tournament on Friday’s during the summer.  We have special food days, scavenger hunts, dress up days and more…something for everyone.

Employee recognition – Whaley regularly recognizes and rewards employees who are nominated by other employees each month for their service above and beyond their normal job responsibilities.  Being recognized by your peers is a powerful way to show you really make a difference.

Great things have been happening at Whaley! Throughout all the changes, one thing has remained the same, we understand the value of family and we invite you to become part of ours!

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137 Cedar Road Lexington, SC 29073